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Hai ^^
Elcy here, I'm 16 years young.
I'm a kpop fan. I mainly focus on B2ST / SISTAR / T-ARA / Infinite.
I don't own these kpop pictures, just letting you guys know!
Plus, you should just go away if you don't like kpop because if you follow me, I'll spam your dashboard with kpop!!~ xD

Anyways, follow me for the latest Kpop MV's (might not upload all, but i try my best) :]

28. February 2014

I need to rant again! My life is too complicated for my liking.  Honestly, i only have feelings for one guy in this school. I haven’t considered how he felt and that made me crash. I lost sight of what I really wanted and blindly went through something that I shouldn’t have gone through. It’s so complicated to me to the point that I want to move else where to make my life a little bit more subtle.  I honestly can’t wait until I finish high school! I want to leave behind all these guy problems for a while and spend more time with my friends.

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Please tell me im dreaming!!! Why of all guys does this guy keep stealing my heart. I decided to stop liking him, but that went downhill because he told me that he sorta likes me too. Why, i guess this means i should fight for my rights to like him.
Looking way too hype! Am i becoming a hipster? Maybe….

.. pe We Heart It.

(´・ω・`) on We Heart It.
6. February 2014

Love sucks! To many of you guys, I’m happy that you found someone who is worthy of your heart. But me, I don’t think that I’ll find that right guy anytime soon, but no rush, I’m still young. Guys just need to stop talking to me sometimes so that these feelings won’t develop so quickly. I guess I want to have a peaceful life.

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Growing up so quickly, next thing you know it, it’ll be valedictory.
Found this in my journal and I found out that I was feeling what my ex felt and it sort of sucks. But its proof that I have felt something very similar to what he is feeling.
Dance may not be my life, but it’s something that I invest my time in. 
"Let not other people define who you should be, only let yourself decide on who you will become."
I really don’t know if this is someone else’s quote but it just came into mind.