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Hai ^^
Elcy here, I'm 17 years young.
Strong in my Catholic faith and proud to be in CFC-Youth for 2 years. West cluster, PAC region!
I love anime specially One Piece, SAO, and SNK. Japanese culture is amazing, so is my Filipino background.
My posts will be what I feel and view as something amazing, and I do not own most of these photos. Hope you enjoy them :)

28. September 2014

There’s this amazing person that I like but now we are both busy. With him he his doing his best to do well at school while he also has priorities in his service in CFC-youth and also to spend time with me. Honestly, I need to get him to focus on his studies more than me. Even I am also busy with work, my service role increasing in CFC-Youth, soon to be school and being able to spend time with him. I don’t know whether I should just reduce the amount of time we talk on the phone and also just get to see him once a week. Well whatever, he can focus more on it when I’m gone for a whole month to the Philippines.

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